Winter canyoning

Not even cold !

As you may have noticed, the last few winter seasons in the Pyrenees have been marked by mild weather conditions and a real lack of snow.

To meet public demand for new winter activities, we have diversified our outing offering.

Since 2020, we have been offering winter canyoning.

“Canyoning in winter ? These Pyreneans are crazy !”

And no, the sky has not fallen on our heads! Even if the activity is mainly practiced during the summer, nothing prevents canyoning enthusiasts, and more generally mountain enthusiasts, from trying their hand at descending snow-covered canyons. This still little-known (some would say unusual!) winter sport allows you to discover the canyons dressed in their best winter outfit. With friends, as a couple or as a family, it's a great opportunity to explore the Pyrenees mountains, other than by practicing more traditional winter sports like skiing or snowshoe hiking.

A top activity for a successful stay in Saint-Lary Soulan

Winter canyoning is an excellent alternative to skiing. It allows you, especially when the weather conditions are not favorable, to make the most of the mountain. The Canyoning Saint-Lary team is working hard to provide you with a fun and sporting experience that you will remember. 

Not even cold ?

It’s all about the equipment. And in the equipment department, we take care of almost everything! We'll lend you a super thick neoprene suit to keep you warm, a lycra, slippers and even gloves to protect your hands. The perfect outfit to fully enjoy the activity. Only one thing to take with you: shoes! and we prefer them to have good grip to avoid slipping as much as possible. Good equipment, sequences of jumps, slides and abseils, a well-paced program to warm up everyone, even the most chilly.

An activity accessible to young and old 

Children aged 12 and over can practice winter canyoning. We provide all the equipment necessary for their comfort.

For the practical side

We will meet you at the starting point of the canyon, a few kilometers from Saint Lary. Once equipped, we set off for the approach walk towards the start of the canyon.

Convinced ? 

So all you have to do is contact the team to book by calling us at + If you have any questions, do not hesitate, we will be happy to answer them.

And if you're still not ready to take the plunge, we also offer outings in the dry canyons. This time, no jumps or slides but very nice rappels and something to satisfy your need for adventure!

See you soon !

Practical information


Minimum 12 years old

Saut canyon

Jumps from 1 to 6m

Not compulsory

Toboggan canyon


Rappel sur corde

Rope belays or zipline


From 15 to 45 minutes from Saint Lary

Marche d'approche

15 minutes approach walk


5 minutes return walk


Half day

50 / person
Families and groups, ask us.

More canyons

To do in winter !

Dry canyon

Not even afraid !
80 full day / person.
  • From 12 years old
  • Rope belays till 50m

Bachelor Party / Bachelorette Party

Bachelor Party
  • From 8 people, free for groom/bride !
  • Special price for big group
  • As you wish
  • One guide only for you
Book now at +

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