Discover the canyon activity.

Are you looking for a refreshing activity near Saint-Lary Soulan ?

Have you already heard about canyoning but not yet had the chance to try it? So now is the time! The Canyoning Saint-Lary team takes you to discover the canyons. With friends, family or as a couple, dare to take the plunge.

Canyoning, what's that ?

Canyon descent is an outdoor sport that takes place in our mountains. You will discover a subtle mix between rock and water.

The activity invites you to overcome different obstacles along the way. You will alternate between swimming, jumping, slides and ziplining.

Using a harness and ropes, or simply in a neoprene suit during a water hike, you are sure to have an exceptional outing.

The ideal formula for beginner canyoners

Our Discovery formula is aimed at all those who wish to discover or rediscover canyoning. It is accessible from 10 years old. No excuse for the less sporty, this formula is also made for you!

Opting for the Discovery formula also means taking advantage of the opportunity to introduce yourself to climbing on ropes. You will learn to go from point A to point B on a handrail and to go down on a zip line. Spiderman had better watch out!

Zoom on the canyon route, with our Spanish friends

We will meet you 40 minutes by car from Saint-Lary Soulan, near the Barrosa River, on the Spanish side. This is where you will put on your wetsuit. After about fifteen minutes of approach walking, one of our super guides will give you all the instructions, postures and gestures to adopt to overcome the obstacles. You will be reminded of these instructions throughout the route to ensure your safety. It’s now time to get in the water, let’s go for 1h30 to 2h of madness!

The course consists ofjumps of up to 5 meters, numerous slides fun and a zip line. Don't panic, no obstacle is required.

Need more information ?

Do not hesitate to contact Coco at + It will provide you with all the information necessary for the smooth running of the activity.

See you soon !

Canyon découverte

Practical information


Minimum 10 years old

or 8 years if already practiced the activity

Saut canyon

Jumps up to 5m

Not compulsory

Toboggan canyon

Numerous fun slides

Rappel sur corde

Rope / Belay initiation technique

Handrail / Flying fox


40 minutes from Saint-Lary

Marche d'approche

15 minutes approach walk


5 minutes return walk


Half day

45 / person
Families and groups, ask us.
Book now at +

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