Private guide

A guide just for you!

Do you want to go on a canyoning trip?

No problem, we take care of everything! Whether it is for a half day, a full day or even for a stay, we offer you the opportunity to privatize one of our guides.

A day or even a tailor-made stay

We adapt to your desires so that you can make the most of your canyoning days. In Spain in the Mont Perdido massif, in Sierra de Guara, a true Mecca of canyoning, or in Mallorca, in Sardinia or even at the end of the world! Everything is possible ! Contact us, we will discuss your project in person.

Unforgettable moments to enjoy with family, friends or colleagues

Fill up on sensations, laughter and sharing by exploring the canyons. In the heart of nature and in exceptional settings you will evolve with your group, accompanied by one of our State-certified guides. Guaranteed change of scenery.

From initiation to climbing on ropes to overcoming obstacles

Your guide will introduce you to rope climbing, you will learn to go from point A to point B on a handrail and to abseil. Spiderman had better watch out!

Jumps, rappels, zip lines, slides, you will move through canyons, each one more fun than the next for maximum fun.

And the equipment in all this?

When it comes to equipment, we take care of almost everything! We lend you a great neoprene suit, a helmet, a harness and socks. The perfect outfit to fully enjoy the activity. Only one thing to take with you: shoes! and we prefer them to have good grip to avoid slipping as much as possible. 

Would you like more information or organize your stay?

Do not hesitate to contact us at +33.6.71 .65.09.70. We will take stock of your guide privatization project with you and we will discuss together to find out what you want.

See you soon !

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